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Geneva Internet Conference - Internet Governance at a Crossroads


The Geneva Internet Conference (GIC) will address critical issues, gaps, and future developments in Internet governance (IG) and digital politics. The conference will provide a neutral and inclusive space for debates as it paves the way to 2015, building on the main events and developments in 2014, including announcement of the transition of the IANA oversight of Internet functions, NETmundial and the Internet Governance Forum. 


The conference will make use of the comparative advantages of Geneva as a global hub for IG with the presence of relevant IG-related institutions and organisations, diplomatic missions, civil society, the private sector, think-tanks, and academia.


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Agenda & Session Notes

  Title Moderator Subject specialists & resource people
Day One      
14.30 ‒ 16.00 Same issues, different perspectives: overcoming policy silos in privacy and data protection
Vladimir Radunovic, Brian Trammell
Nick Ashton-Hart

Amb. Thomas Hajnoczi

Carly Nyst
1430 - 1600  Inclusion in digital policy: e-participation and capacity development  Pete Cranston, DiploFoundation and GIP  Chengetai Masango, IGF Secretariat
Ginger Paque, DiploFoundation
Anders Norsker, ITU (tbc)
Marília Maciel, Center for Technology and Society, FGV Brazil
Anne-Rachel Inn, ICANN
14.30 ‒ 16.00  Legal framework, jurisdiction, and enforcement in Internet governance  Prof. Jacques de Werra, University of Geneva  Prof. Rolf Weber, University of Zurich
Prof. Joe Cannataci, University of Groningen
Mira Burri, University of Bern
Konstantinos Komaitis, ISOC
Xianhong Hu, UNESCO  
Day Two       
11.00 ‒ 12.30  Aim for full transparency – accept exceptional translucency 

Pete Cranston, DiploFoundation and GIP

Veronica Cretu, Open Government Institute (Moldova)
Nigel Hickson, ICANN
Avri Doria, Principal Researcher, Technicalities
Kari Tapiola, ILO
11.00 ‒ 12.30 Subsidiarity: how to make Internet governance decisions at the appropriate level, building on lessons learnt from Switzerland Thomas Schneider, OFCOM Peter Gruetter, Swiss Telecommunications Association
Norbert Bollow, independent consultant
Michel Veuthey, Vice-president of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law
Hanane Boujemi, Hivos
11.00 ‒ 12.30 Evidence in Internet governance: measurement and data-mining  Vladimir Radunovic, DiploFoundation and GIP

Susan Teltscher, ITU’s ‘Measuring ICT’ project (tbc)
Aaron Boyd, Chief Strategy Officer, ABI Research
Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, WIPO
Eliot Lear, CISCO

Kavé Salamatian, University of Savoie, France

14.00 ‒ 15.30 Implementation and compliance in a multistakeholder space  Anne-Marie Buzatu, DCAF Andy Orsmond, International Code of Conduct Association
Michel Quillé, Europol
Amb. Theodor H. Winkler, Director – DCAF
14.00 ‒ 15.30 Drafting in policy processes: how can we best nurture the socialisation of policy texts in multistakeholder contexts?

Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation and GIP Richard Hill, Association for Proper Internet Governance
Avri Doria, Principal Researcher, Technicalities
Alex Sceberras Trigona, special envoy of the Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malta 
14.00 ‒ 15.30 Funding, accountability and trust in Internet governance
Pete Cranston, DiploFoundation and GIP Markus Kummer, IGF Support Association
Désirée Miloshevic, Afilias International
Jean-Marie Chenou, University of Lausanne





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